Here at My Instant Guru we are confident you will enjoy our fast, efficient, and friendly services. Whether you have appreciated our guru’s knowledge, our products, or our services, we are eager to hear your positive experiences. Let us hear your stories by leaving them here.

My Instant Guru

Jeffrey Berns Managing Partner Arbogast & Berns LLP






My Instant Guru



Darren Peng Vice President Bragel International, Inc.




My Instant Guru



Charles Assistant Product Manager Pamex ,Inc.



My Instant Guru



Michael Saso
American Jet Industries

My Instant Guru

The best service I have had in a long time. Thank you, Thank you!!


Fort Meyers, FL

My Instant Guru

What great techs at this company.


Mexico City, Mexico

My Instant Guru

Your response to an emergency is outstanding. Your up-to-date knowledge in all technical issues is refreshing. Small companies like mine can not operate without your excellent technical support. You are most definitely our Guru.

Jose A. Vasquez
Roma Mortgage Corp.
Downey, CA

My Instant Guru

Guru Michael is a genius and continually exceeds my expectations.

Jeff York
Franklin Advantage Inc.
Lake Forest, CA

My Instant Guru

Keep up the great work.

Reggie H.

Simi Valley, CA

My Instant Guru

Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would do without My Instant Guru.

Saju J.

New Delhi, India

My Instant Guru

My Instant Guru is amazing. I literally didn’t have to move a finger once the tech took over my computer and fixed my problems right over the internet. I never had leave my office or wait for someone to come down and fix the problem. I always recommend My Instant Guru when someone is having an issue with their computer and the price is unbelievable.

Javier Guevara
Bankers Capital Investments

My Instant Guru

It’s seem so rare to find a service or product that works perfectly the first time, not to mention exceed expectations. My Instant Guru is more like my instant friend. When my computer screen started doing strange things my heart sank because I knew something was seriously wrong and I didn’t have a clue where to begin. Fortunately I contacted www.myinstantguru.com and got my problem resolved in 10 minutes. I could hardly believe it was that easy and quick. That has never happened before! Any other time after 10 minutes, I would still be navigating an automated phone system trying to get a human on the line. I will never do that again now that I have My Instant Guru; a truly amazing service!

Huff L.

Atlanta, GA.

My Instant Guru

I really like the ease of using My Instant Guru… You get directly on the computer with me and the problem is fixed. I did not have to make an appointment and wait for you to be able to come out to my house/office. I can not work without my computer. I absolutely love this My Instant Guru.

Sherry S.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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