Windows Server 2003 Update

In July of 2015, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003. And, with approximately 13 million servers still running this OS around the world, many businesses are unaware of the potential impact. Those who are aware but haven’t started, are wondering where do they start? The risks are high.

For example, with no further patches or bug fixes, customers will be exposing their infrastructure to security and vulnerability risks, including non-compliance with payment security standards impacting their ability to process credit card transactions. In addition, many of our customers have dozens of similar and critical applications running this old OS.

Potential Impact to IT

A year sounds like a long way off; however, Microsoft estimates planning and executing the migration will take an average of 200 days – 300 days. There are only 250 business days in a year so time is critical.

But, rather than hitting the panic button, your company can embrace this opportunity to transform the way you provide IT, streamline processes and consolidate infrastructure footprint, all of which will have multiple benefits including cost savings and competitive advantage.

If you want to make this transformation as efficiently as possible, My Instant Guru has an OS Migration plan ready to launch for your company. It will accelerate the migration process and minimize the risk to key workloads and applications, all while enabling your company to position itself for the future.

This Server OS Migration plan includes:


map needs to appropriate methods and build migration roadmap

Proof of

test application migration to physical, virtual or cloud environment


find applications and dependencies, and prioritizes applications


test applications for compatibility requirements


migrate applications to new OS (WS2008 or WS2012)

Deployment &

package server apps into MSI format and automate end-to-end deployment of role-base servers using DOD technology

This new service comprises a series of steps from Workshop through Proof of Concept, Discovery, Automated Compatibility Testing, Application Migration, right down to Automated Deployment & Application Packaging.

Why My Instant Guru?

Why should your company choose MIG? It’s simple. MIG, a single vendor, can provide the total solution – all the requisite hardware, services and software tools. And we are a trusted Microsoft partner with over a decade of OS Migrations under our belt.

With MIG’s OS Migration plan, you can:

  • Reduce your risk with MIG’s expertise that simplify and streamline migration of core services like Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File & Print
  • Improve your ROI by consolidating infrastructure in physical or virtual environments to create the most efficient, scalable platform for Microsoft’s Cloud OS
  • Engage our services expertise to help you every step of the way, being as involved as they need

We are clearly positioned to provide effective, efficient, and proven hardware, software, and services to ease the pain of the Microsoft Server 2003 end-of-life. If you have servers still running on Windows Server 2003, what are your plans for migrating? We are ready to help you with this critical migration, no matter how far along, or behind, you are.